Disciplined Solutions Architecture

Focusing on customer need, we work with customers to successfully create solutions for the enterprise. Architecture is one of the most important steps early on and throughout the project lifecycle. We ensure everything fits together optimally and guide successful execution while ensuring technical and business buy-in. Trade-offs and decisions are documented with stakeholder buy-in while ensuring all stakeholders are on-board with the solution. Business conflict between teams and different agendas is mitigated through understanding and communication and ultimately the organization is lead to a highly capable and optimal solution.  We take into account all required facets from the enterprise, including business requirements, non-functional requirements, IT security, legal and regulatory, governance, GDPR/PIPEDA, etc.

Software Architecture and Software Development Leadership

We have an expert level of experience designing and architecting large scalable enterprise software applications ($15M/y; 70+ team members in-flight) and providing software development leadership to small and large teams.  We work with our customers and do whatever it takes to successfully bring web, mobile, and enterprise software to the market.

Our 10X Rule

We are not worthy to our customers unless we are providing a minimum of 10x returned value.

Tracking and KPIs

We are so confident in the value of our services that we will work with our customers and implement measurable KPIs where necessary to ensure our customers are confident with every milestone we make every step of the way.

Our Customers

Our customers include new startups as well as top enterprises in banking, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, public relations, and technology.  Some of our customers include Microsoft, Avanade (Infusion Development), The Great-West Life Assurance Company, Manulife Financial, Blue Sands Inc, PC Shop Inc, Blueprint Systems, and GlobeNewswire (MarketWired).