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Architecture As A Service

Throughout our history, we have worked with leading organizations to provide architecture for the following disciplines:

  • Software Architecture
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Integration Architecture

We partner with organizations to provide on demand architecture work with up front and agreed upon deliverables.

In many cases, we can reduce on-boarding lead time when working with large organizations by working with your terms on easy and negotiable SoWs or in special cases subcontracted quickly through your contingent labour partners as a consulting service provider. This allows a very quick on-boarding, so we can get to work quickly. Compare that to the many weeks to months it takes to onboard consultants from the large global consulting companies. You’ll also find our rates to be competitive but better value than the global mid size to large consulting firms.

Service Offerings

Greenfield projects: Architecting the end to end solution or agreed upon facets of the solution
In-flight projects: Providing architectural guidance from inception to final delivery ensuring all stakeholders are satisfied
Pre-Sales Solution Expert: Architecture expertise your sales team can rely upon for technical architecture guidance when faced with new business but lacking the internal expertise to satisfy your prospective clients
Portfolio Architecture: Leading a portfolio of architecture projects for your business operations ensuring strategic alignment of solutions


Contact us at to discuss how we can work together.


…And Consider Our Newest Service Offering

Second Look Architecture: When you already have a team or architect responsible for creating your architecture, you may want a second, independent, outside look at the architecture.

We’ll set up an initial meeting to understand your solution and understand any specific areas of focus or concern and dial in on that. Depending on your needs, we’ll speak with your team, we’ll take a look at your business needs, and dive deep into your architecture. We’ll ask a lot of questions. The goal is to assess the suitability of the architecture to the business need and requirements. We identify concerns from a legal, compliance, regulatory, cost, and complexity perspective, and identify risks and unseen problems that may arise when the architecture is put into practice. We’ll also take into account your non-functional requirements, by addressing scalability, performance, redundancy, security, and other NFRs depending on requirements.

We can get in and get out quickly, leaving your stakeholders with additional confidence before embarking on your new important initiatives.

We will not up-sell unless requested. All of our “Second Look” recommendations will be based on identifying risks, gaps, concerns, and improvements along with recommendations on how to proceed according to your team’s current capabilities.